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Latest News

Opening During the Pandemic

We realized that April 2020 was a crazy time to open a Casual Fine Dining restaurant… with 85 seats. But we didn’t look at the downside – we looked at the upside. We found a great location, we had a great team ready to prepare the restaurant and a great chef anxious to get started.

We knew that takeout and delivery would be important to us so we concentrated on that. We made our own Web and App ordering system, using the FoodMe group. We made the restaurant look great knowing that we would be able to open – eventually. We promoted our restaurant concentrating on Takeout and Delivery. We just went with the flow. When we are back to the new normal we will advertise the dine in option and catering.

I’m pleased to say that we have done very well, hitting and exceeding our sales targets. Our staff was experienced from the very start and we appreciated our local customers who came out to support us. We did so well that we opened a second location in Burlington a few months ago.

We can’t wait to get the dine in and catering active again, but until then we will concentrate our energies here in Takeout and delivery.