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Indian Food is the best….

Ok you think we are boasting about our food here at Oh Bombay and well, we are I guess. But what we’re really saying is “Not all food types travel well – for takeout or delivery”. Some foods continue to cook when you travel for 15 to 20 minutes with your favourite steak, for instance. Some foods will congeal over time and change the consistency of the gravy.

Indian food has long been a staple of the takeout industry. Our food travels well and tastes just as good, 15 minutes after packing.

Also our food is made for sharing with friends or family. So when your food arrives at home – just open the containers and let everyone dig in. Now you might think this is simply common knowledge, but not everyone knows Indian food intimately. So give us a try here at Oh Bombay, use our app and order for the whole family. If you need some food advice call us here at the restaurant, we will help you place the right order for your family. We look forward to hearing from you.